Samba Society is deeply influenced by "roots" music of classic vinyl recordings of the 1970s. Under the artistic direction of Brazilian American Beto González, Samba Society is a collective of musicians from diverse backgrounds that is truly reflective of the multi-cultural landscape of Los Angeles. Since forming in late 2008, the group has staked its claim as LA’s premier Brazilian collective of multi-instrumentalists with broad knowledge of the musical panorama and history of Brazil.

As a result of Samba Society band members' versatility and passion for Brazilian music, the group has branched out. The offshoots include MôForró, which plays triangle-driven, hip-swiveling dance music in the rootsy, “pé de serra” style of forró music; and Os Zagueiros, a Brazilian funk and soul project heavily influenced by American and international Afro-Latin sounds. Samba Society's musical cross-collaborations keep them at the forefront of the Brazilian music scene of LA.